Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Too Young For Love-Bill Everett-1950

By request! Subby's Pappy does romance! Everett's art was so polished right from day one and here, more than a decade after his earliest comics work, he has drawn just about every type of comic there was to draw!

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バーンズ エリック said...

Cool. I agree Bill Everett could handle any type of story, and yet mostly stick to his distinctive style... though I've read he did some funny animal work in the 50s and I've seen DeCarlo-style work attributed to him, which would be less distinctively his look, I mean.

Thanks for this. For me, one of the attractions of this site is the diversity of the material you post. Like the days of my youth, turning on the TV on Sunday afternoons not knowing what the hell kind of movie I was going to see.