Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sugar and Spike-Sheldon Mayer-1980s (??)

Many an aging Silver Age fan has a soft spot for those pre-Rugrats rugrats, Sugar and Spike. Some years back, someone was kind enough to send me scans of about 20 S&S stories that were supposedly never published in the US. These were said to be from the period where Mayer's eyesight recovered and he was drawing stories, as DC put it, "for the foreign market." Whatever the deal, these are great. Here's a long one.


top_cat_james said...

The first child-care manual published as a coffee-table book.

The Seditionist said...

The first editor at All-American Comics under Max (father of EC Comics) Gaines and what would merge with National in 1945 to make was became the DC Comics we all know. And before that, was involved in getting National to publish Superman.

Went off staff, as they say, to go freelance.