Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nancy-Ernie Bushmiller-1953

For those who don't care for the current NANCY artist's primitive approach and insistence on almost instantly dated modern buzzwords and tech, here's a brief reminder of Bushmiller's NANCY. Simple but not as somnambulistic as some seem to remember it.


Dr. Theda said...

an enjoyable post, good Sir !!

The Seditionist said...

Bushmiller was a genius.A lot of good writing but an exceptional strip draftsman. No one can match him, so no demerits to "Jaimes" for not being as good an artist.
As for the element of her writing you dissed, she's said in interviews that it's in large part a short term thing, in part due to writing a couple of weeks' worth of the strip before her run debuted. So at worse, the jury's out on the criticism; might be moot by now. As for her writing otherwise, it echos what I liked about Bushmiller's work when I was a punk kid.
Again, no one's going to match Bushmiller, but Jaimes comes close enough. IMO, of course.