Saturday, May 5, 2018

Buck Mutt-Thurston Harper-Hi Jinx-1945

We recently had a request for more funny animal stories. As it happens, I've recently developed an affection for them and will likely be running at least one per week. 


Alberto said...


Thanks for posting this one. The artist is Thurston Harper, a veteran animator who did a lot of funny animal stuff for the Sangor Shop (ACG, Better/Standard) in the early-to-mid-forties.

I'm glad there is a revived interest in classic funny animals. Incidentally, my 500-page book on American Funny Animals in the 20th Century should be out later this year. I hope you and all the other FA fans will appreciate it.


Booksteve said...

Whoa! Please keep me informed on the book! And thanks for the artist here!