Friday, December 12, 2014

The Man Who Lost His Nerve-Al Williamson-1955

EC great Al Williamson's often wispy art suffered from the printing processes of the 1950s but somehow still managed to look head and shoulders above any and all other artists in any given issue of any given title it was found in. Here he is making a throwaway gag tale from Atlas (Stan?) look like a masterpiece of design work.


Unknown said...

As usual, thanks for posting all these neat comics. I've always wondered, though, why you don't list what comic books they're from.

Booksteve said...

Much of the time, the comics I post from are public domain but sometimes they aren't. Even those stories, though, are usually quite obscure and likely to escape the notice of the folks at Disney/Marvel, Archie, TW/DC or others. Why worry, you may ask, when similar blogs post whole, long Spidey or Batman stories from not that long ago and no one stops them? Well, because sometimes they DO. I know of several blogs that have received C&D orders from one of the major companies and of 2 blogs that disappeared soon afterwards.