Sunday, December 21, 2014

Frankenstein, The Black Owl, The Green Lama, Doctor Frost, Yank & Doodle, Bulldog Denny, The General and the Corporal-Dick Briefer-1942

Here's one of Dick Briefer's early, serious Frankenstein serious as you can be when you have a pair of cartoony looking army guys teaming up with superheroes from the other features in PRIZE COMICS! Unlike most superhero groups, they don't bother with a name. Hmm...How about, "The Prize Package?"

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rnigma said...

I remember Don Glut's description of this story in his essay "Frankenstein Meets the Comics" (in "The Comic-Book Book"). It seems that Briefer was trying to do a Justice Society-style story, but had only eight pages to do it. Not exactly an "Utter Failure," but yeah, it could've been better.