Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Johnny Thunder-Gil Kane/Joe Giella-1959

Here's another long one. DC had a thing about "secret" origins so here's the secret origin of Johnny Thunder. Say, you...No, not THAT Johnny Thunder, the other one. And not the rocker! He was Johnny Thunders, with an "s." No, this is the cowboy with the secret identity who kicked the Golden Age Green Lantern to the curb and lasted at DC for more than 10 years on his own--longer than GL had!


Staz Johnson said...

Gil Kane has long been one of my favorites, so it's really cool to see these early examples of his work (which are new to me), but is it just me or does it look like he's had some help from Carmine Infantino on some of this stuff? A few of the faces especially (though a couple of the figures too) definitely seem to have a very Infantino look about them.

Moritat said...

give me a time machine!