Thursday, June 5, 2014

He Hides in the Tower-Bernie Krigstein-1956

The story here is slight to the point of non-existant and even then is tarnished by the Code making it so innocuous. The attraction, of course, is Krigstein, whose comic book work is always at mimimum interesting, even if his rep for brilliance is based almost solely on one story--EC's MASTER RACE. Here, as there, he plays fast and loose with panels again, but for no obvious reason.


Daniel [] said...

It may be a misleading truth that Krigstein's reputation is based almost solely on “Master Race”. Without that remarkable work seizing so much attention, more might instead be given to some of Krigstein's other efforts. Had “Master Race” somehow never appeared, perhaps the earlier “Pipe Dream” or somesuch would be reproduced and discussed more often. Krigstein's reputation would then be a bit weaker, but might still be strong.

The above piece, however, wouldn't contribute much. As to the panels, I think that he wanted them to echo the tower.

R.A.M.'67 said...

A more interesting example of Krigstein's art overpowering a bad story is found in Dell's two "87th Precinct" comic books from '62, which were also his last work in comics. Great stuff with marvelous layouts.