Monday, June 9, 2014

Crime In Reverse-Wallace Wood-1950

It's a wordy little thing but this early Wally Wood story is also rather cleverly done both in story and art...when the art isn't being crowded out of the panel, that is. Some obvious Eisner influence is seen here in all aspects of the story, visual and otherwise.


Vanguard said...

Looks like mostly Orlando to me

Michael Wurl said...

He may be on to something...there are plenty of elements that sure look like Orlando - the main figure in the splash, the guy in hat page 1 panel 3, and more throughout. It wouldn't be beyond belief that this was one of those famous Orlando -Wood collaborations, even if GCD doesn't say so. They worked together a lot at Fox, didn't they? The lettering is definitely Wood, and GCD doesn't credit him for that either. Besides that, anyway, the close-up of the cop's face on page 3 does evoke Eisner a bit to me, like you say, Steve. Eisner was a well known influence on Wood, if not most artists of the period.