Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thorr the Unbelievable-Jack Kirby/Dick Ayers-1961

In the classic 1962 origin story of Marvel's Thor, drawn by Kirby and Sinnott, our hero fights alien stone men. The story ends with the panel below where "Thor" is misspelled. Or is it? Perhaps Kirby was flashing back to a year before and our feature today in which an alien stone man named THORR attacks earth without an a Norse God to stop him!

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Brian Barnes said...

Our hero's getting a little ahead of himself -- how did he save the entire universe? A million-year old species (which hasn't had a single technological advancement in all those years it seems) lost a couple robots and a couple dudes and a single ship?

Of course, hopefully my last words won't be "I sink into the ocean! Help me!"

Stan (I assume) filled this one with about every tool in his post-code/pre-silver age arsenal, including the mis-understood traitor/hero, ancient aliens, mysterious appearing dynamite, nagging woman learning her lesson, helpful natives, accidental monster activation, and great Kirby monsters.