Friday, April 4, 2014

The Crime Crusaders Club-Phil Bard-1943

Three years ago this month I posted this one-off adventure of the Crime Crusaders Club, Fawcett's sole attempt--mild as it was--at formalizing its heroes into a group a la DC's Justice Society and Seven Soldiers of Victory. The scans were poor and my doctored up versions weren't much better. Now, though, here's a lovely scan of the same story. For SD (finally) who requested better scans at the time.

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Daniel [] said...

Hmmm… $100,000! Less the value of the airplane shot-down, of the others abandoned in the air, and of the damage at the crash-sites, that would be…. Oops!

And there's the wee matter of abusive switching of the lexicon. Why not just have Captain Midnight make an immediate appearance? The word /ˈmɪdnʌɪt/ had a natural meaning, which was that of a time expressed on the clocks local the the original utterance.

The idea of having the Crime Crusaders Club meet in a seemingly ordinary home was interesting, as it allowed readers to more easily pretend to be members of the same ir similar organization.

BtW, I kinda vary as to whether I fear death, but I'm pretty sure that I'm worthy of life across occasions.