Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kane and Abel, Private Detectives-John Ewing-1937

Here we have the story that answers the musical question, "What if Adolf Hitler was a pipe-smoking private eye?" It can also be read as a "Mutt and Jeff" strip or even a Peter Cook/Dudley Moore sketch!


Daniel [] said...

Haha! Yet another artist who really just wanted to draw dames! (Not that I blame him!)

There are some interesting things about the delivery here, but this story manages to be almost utterly without drama. And it fails as a realistic police procedural, as it confuses the rĂ´le and authority of a private detective with that of a member of a police department.

Smurfswacker said...

I sincerely doubt there was any connection, but John Wilson could be the American Herge', all the way from the semi-realistic outline drawing to the heavy use of profile long shots and medium close-ups. Not to mention the enormous dialogue balloons!