Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dennis the Menace-Toole/Wiseman-1958

It was never much of a secret that Hank Ketcham's DENNIS THE MENACE was done in its comic book form by others, notably Fred Toole and Al Wiseman. In fact, this 1958 story offers Toole and Wiseman themselves with sort of an "origin" for Dennis, leaving out Ketcham all together!


wmeisel said...

That's a great story. Who knew Dennis The Menace of all characters had a secret origin?

rnigma said...

How cool, that Al and Fred did a self-inclusion story!

Daniel [] said...

Yeah, having Toole and Wiseman take credit for creating the character is a bit much. It probably would have been better for the story to end with them struggling for an idea for a new character, and one of them saying that Hank had some sort of screwy idea.