Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blonde Bomber-All New Comics-1943

Here we have the Blonde Bomber and her lovable sidekick "Slapso," arguably the worst name for a sideki…nah…we've had a lot of stupid sidekick names, haven't we?


Daniel [] said...

So far, “Ploopie” is the worst side-kick name that I have encountered.

The Silver Fox said...

I always hated Mr. Scarlet's "Pinky," name-wise.

rnigma said...

Yeah, "Slapso" is almost as bad as "Ploopie"... though boxer Max Rosenbloom's nickname was "Slapsie."
The Blonde Bomber resembles Dinah from the "Ozark Ike" strip - both had the Veronica Lake hairdo.