Thursday, August 22, 2013

Captain Marvel-Leon Francho-1967

This, of course, the infamous version of Captain Marvel whose secret word is "Split!" Here he teams with the Atom (I mean Tinyman) to fight the evil Batman…err…The Ray. These are terrible comics and steal so much from other comics but they're bizarrely entertaining in their own wacky way.


Smurfswacker said...

God I hated these comics as a kid.


Daniel [] said...

My father had mentioned the original Captain Marvel to me sometime before these things appeared on the news stands. I was hopeful, but my father was at pains to explain that, no, this character wasn't that Captain Marvel. (And these comic books were probably the worst of any sort that I encountered up to that time. I didn't hate them; I despised them.)

Stan Lee, of course, learned when these appeared, that the trademark had been up-for-grabs; and, when they disappeared, he grabbed it. So, once again, a Captain Marvel hit the news stands and, once again, I was hopeful and, once again, my father was at pains to explain that, no, this character wasn't the original Captain Marvel.

(It wasn't until I was given a copy of The Great Comic Book Heroes, by Jules Feiffer, that I saw the real Captain Marvel.)

Booksteve said...

Daniel, I could have written what you just said, word for word.