Sunday, May 26, 2013

Captain Valiant-Marvin Stein-1945

I love the logo and the stylized splash panel but what's with the thick colored circle panels throughout? And more than that, our hero appears in exactly 14 panels other than the splash above and in 12 of those his face is completely or partially obscured. Did the artist not like drawing him or what?


jim said...

You're right about the limited use of the hero, Captain Valiant. But by 1945, a lot of comics were already de-emphasizing the super-hero element. The Golden Age Daredevil appeared less & less in his own stories (taken over by the Little Wise Guys) & Blue Beetle often appeared in costume in only a few panels.

I liked the artwork & sort of enjoyed those colored circle panels. They gave the story a little extra "pop".

Thanks for posting it. Fun.

Daniel [] said...

Actually, the hero appears in costume in said fourteen panels, but out-of-costume in other panels — and in those out-of-costume panels that tendency to obscure his face continues. Indeed, look at the fourth panel of the third page, in which the (out-of-costume) character is reduced to a word balloon.

rnigma said...

The style looks like a cross between Howard Sherman and Fred Guardineer.