Friday, January 29, 2016

Running For Love-Kurt Schaffenberger-1972

Some artists flit back and forth between companies and others spend most if not all of their careers in one spot. Inker Frank Giacoia, for example, worked at Marvel and DC. Robert Kanigher, on the other hand, pretty much never left DC. Ditto artist Kurt Scheaffenberger, who popped up at several publishers before settling in at Fawcett and, after their demise, DC (and ACG but that's another story). Thus, what we have here is more or less a DC romance story...from Marvel!


  1. Thanks for posting this. It sure does look like a DC romance story that somehow found its way to Marvel. That last page, though, really doesn't look much like Schaffenberger to me; Giacoia's inks dominate the entire page. I wonder if the last page was laid out by Kurt and finished by Giacoia, or was it totally redone (maybe by Giacoia himself)...

  2. The way the splash page look, it's looks like it's Artie Simek did the lettering!!!