Monday, December 1, 2014

That Wilkin Boy-Dick Malmgren-1981

Toward the end of his decade-plus run, Bingo--That Wilkin Boy--got serious for a few issues, offering drama, excitement and suspense, served up a little bizarrely in the usual stylized Archieverse art. This long story deals in a simplistic fashion with real world issues such as child abuse, home invasion, violence  and car theft. It's an odd juxtaposition between the art and its subject but in theory, there were kids who could relate.


  1. Archie Comics also did (Comics Code-approved) horror stories in their house style...

  2. Wow, Bingo had a busy, busy day. Hey, kids, you live in a world absolutely overflowing with vicious, unrepentant assholes (including your relatives and coworkers!) but at least at the end of the day one violent douchebag went to jail...vowing revenge...and a kid wound up in a foster home. You just know he lived happily ever after.