Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Man Who Lost An Elevator-Russ Heath-1953

The story's slight here but oh, that wonderfully detailed artwork. Every once in a while when delving into comic book history one finds an illustrator too good for the room. You just know Russ Heath wasn't getting paid enough to turn out art this impressive for what was, at the time, very much considered to be a disposable medium!


  1. Jeff would get no pity from me. I'd be happy to see him hit in the head every day thereafter.

    I've seen better written stories into which Heath put far less effort than here. I wonder whether he were trying to off-set the weakness of the story, or just had a creative bee in his bonnet.

  2. Does anyone know what "hotel use" was? It doesn't seem to be the seem as "fire service mode" (key use) on more modern elevators.