Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Forest of the Living Dead-Manny Stallman-1951

Manny Stallman to this day is reviled by many Silver Age fans for a pair of RAVEN stories he did for Tower in the sixties. At that same time, though, he cranked out some gorgeous work for Warren and here, a full 15 years earlier, he was turning out some polished art reminiscent of later work by Dick Ayers or even Wally Wood!


rnigma said...

Wow, speak of the devil... I mention Manny in the previous post and lo, here he is.

Gotta love those blurbs, because all those "editors" were Stan Lee.

Booksteve said...

Here's the funniest part. This was pre-posted a week ago so I didn't go find any Manny in response to your comment!