Monday, October 21, 2013

Yoe Books Presents: Frankenstein-Dick Briefer-1954

Craig Yoe actually knew the late Dick Briefer and had long wanted to re-present his signature FRANKENSTEIN stories to the current generation and with the first volume of The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics, he was able to do so. We ran a humorous example as part of a blogathon when the book came out. Here's a sample from the later, more serious version of the strip.

This story is also featured in the hardcover collection DICK BRIEFER'S FRANKENSTEIN which you can WIN free as part of the 5 Chilling Archives of Horror collections being given away in conjunction with IDW and Yoe Books! Email us at and tell us YOUR favorite horror artist! Then go to the other sites below and enter again for 5 total chances to win the full set! See the October 17th post for full rules.


  1. Perhaps the Monster then went after the colorist for this story.

  2. I love the colors. I also love when reprint volumes just use scans of the comics rather than recolor them with a slick, plastic, Photoshop sheen.

    1. But look at what the colorist has done in 1:3 (the second panel after the splash panel); he or she has nearly obliterated the peculiar feature of the road, which it was the central purpose of the panel to display.

  3. The last page was reproduced in Don Glut's "Frankenstein Meets the Comics," a chapter in "The Comic Book Book" (Dick Lupoff and Don Thompson's sequel to "All In Color for a Dime"). Good to see the entire story.