Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Man Who Refused to Die-Suspense-1950

Not sure of the artist here on tis Atlas story but it looks familiar in spots. What else is familiar is the plot, which was inspired by LOST HORIZON, a variation of which would be used years later as the origin for Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE. And then there's the lead character's name--Jonathan Storm. Sound familiar?


  1. One might also mention the original fate of Silvermane, in The Amazing Spider-Man #73 (Jun '69) – (Aug '69) #75, albeït that some d_mn'd excuse was eventually found to bring him back from the … uhm … unborn.

  2. Pretty sure it isn't Maneely. That face at bottom right of page 1 makes me think of maybe a young Don Heck.

  3. yes you could be right first page of story bottom two panels a bit like Tony Stark?