Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Hitchhiker-Chic Stone-1954

There are  number of horror tales called "The Hitchhiker." The best-known is probably the classic Orson Welles radio script produced on several different shows. There was also a TV version or two and a movie, all of which are vaguely similar even though they don't all use the same source material. Add this comic variation as well, drawn by the capable Chic Stone, remembered for his smooth inks over Jack Kirby, his later work at Archie, and some truly disgusting art for Eerie Publications in between!

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  1. The "Hitchhiker" radio script was written by Lucille Fletcher for the "Suspense" radio series, in an episode that featured Orson Welles as the driver. Rod Serling adapted it for "The Twilight Zone"; there, Inger Stevens played the driver.