Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jacky's Diary-Jack Mendelsohn (age 32 1/2)-1960

Back in the seventies, I remember seeing Jack Mendelsohn's name as Script Editor on THREE'S COMPANY. It was years later before I found out he created JIMMINY & THE MAGIC BOOK with Howie Post, THE NEW SCOOBY DOO MOVIES on TV, THE BEATLES cartoon series and, among many other awesome credits, YELLOW SUBMARINE! And it was THEN that I discovered his personal masterpiece of wordplay and unique humor, JACKYS DIARY. 

Seen here is a story from the sole comic book version but just announced is a complete color collection of all three years of the JACKYS DIARY Sunday strip! Coming soon from Yoe Books! Craig would love to know what you think! Leave comments below. Me, I rank Mendelsohn right up there with Kurtzman, Barks, Stanley and Rosa as the funniest men ever to work in comic books!

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