Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mister Terrific-Stan Aschmeier-1944

Today, by request for a Mister Zetz, we present MISTER TERRIFIC by Stanley Aschmeier--or was it Aschmier? I've seen it spelled both ways. Ol' Stan decided to avoid the issue all together by simply drawing as "Stan Asch." As Asch, he did many National--or to be more precise, All-American--features throughout the 1940's including JOHNNY THUNDER, DOCTOR MID-NITE and DOCTOR FATE. In this case, the character had no title. He was just a "mister." MISTER TERRIFIC and his Christmasy colored costume with it's memorable "Fair Play" logo didn't really last long, was rarely revived and was eventually killed off rather ignominiously in a storyline that was left dangling for decades. I'm not certain even now if it was ever resolved. Here he is, though! The one, the only...oh, wait...there's another one these days. Sigh...


  1. That was "Terrific". Thanks!!!

  2. Someone had been reading Simon & Kirby. Their influence is everywhere - poses dynamic to the point of being rubber-like, elements of caricature and bigfoot humour, occasional round panels, and a tendency to fill every corner of the page.

  3. Wait wait wait ... Terry Sloan has to change into his secret identity to rescue a cat from a storm drain?