Monday, June 28, 2010

The Battle of Jutland-John Severin-1954

Unlike the many other companies of the mid to late fifties, the war comics put out by Atlas were often conscious imitations--visually at least--of Harvey Kurtzman's heavily-researched EC war classics. At times, this even included using Kurtzman's artists, in this case, the great John Severin. Note the Laurel and Hardy caricatures in a couple of the characters.


  1. This sure has the look and feel of a Kurtzman war story. I wonder if Jerry DeFuccio, or one of Kurtzman's other assistants on the EC war titles, wrote this on the side?

    It's not a terrible story, so it can't be by Stan Lee...

  2. For his early Atlas contributions Severin probably used writing contribution by his friend... eh, what's his name... who also wrote for him when he did the later issues of Frontline Combat (around the same time). So that explains why most of these stories look so similar.