Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Inspector-1976

The Inspector is, of course, a cartoon (and comic book) realization of Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau but I have always felt he achieved a comedic life of his own, distanced from his source material.


Anonymous said...

Art by Warren Tufts, don't know if he wrote this or not.

top_cat_james said...

The Inspector is only ostensibly based on the Sellers characterization - In the comics and cartoons, he's never referred to as Clouseau. As you correctly stated, he functions separately from the live-action Pink Panther films.

Art is by the talented Warren Tufts.

Spanky Domingo said...

Just reading an INSPECTOR reprint in GOLDEN COMICS DIGEST #38 and, to my surprise, in the story LE BOWSER BAGGER, the Inspector identifies himself as "Inspector Clouzot" {sic}