Monday, June 3, 2019

9TH ANNIVERSARY REQUEST: The Close Shaves of Pauline Peril-Jack Manning-1970

Written by former Disney writer/sculptor Del Connell and drawn by former animator Jack Manning, our second request is a long one but an absolute favorite of mine! A genuinely funny and enjoyable comic book both in story and art. Yes, it's horribly sexist when looked at in 2019 terms but 50 years ago, it was just funny in a camp, nostalgic, mod way.


top_cat_james said...

Fun and imaginative art and layout, and the script's not bad, either. Thank you! I'll have to see about seeking out the three remaining issues.

I also would like to ask if its possible for you to go back to the old Blogger format you had before May 12th. I used to click "Notify Me" on each post to receive any follow-up comments, but now one has to leave a comment in order to obtain them. Will understand if you can't or won't. Again, thanks.

バーンズ エリック said...

It took me a few pages to get into, but once I did I really enjoyed it. Kinda reminiscent of Jay Ward cartoons and kinda presaging at least the people in John Kricfalusi stuff. Overall kinda wacky and nuts.

Thanks for posting it and thanks to Top_Cat_James for requesting it.

Booksteve said...

TC, I'll see what I can do about the commenting but the reason I changed it was because, even though it had a REPLY button under every comment, it was no longer allowing me to reply...or even post a separate comment like this!