Sunday, June 2, 2019

9TH ANNIVERSARY REQUEST: Blood Bath-Chic Stone-1969

We begin our week of requests celebrating the beginning of our 10 year with a black and white one, reprinted here from Yoe Books' recent  collection, THE WORST OF EERIE PUBLICATIONS. This story more than anything else probably kept me off drugs! If you're at all squeamish, move along, but come back tomorrow for a very different request!


バーンズ エリック said...

That actually is a hell of a lot like some of the work of Japanese comic book artist Go Nagai.

Also, there was story in DC 80s comic book WASTELAND mocking Shirley Maclaine with a similar, though less graphic, finale.

Thanks for posting it and looking forward to as wide of a range of material & genres as you can muster.

Jason said...

Y'know, a relatively obscure bit of trivia is that there was actually a Saturday morning cartoon adaptation of this very story!

Okay, okay -- maybe not. But if there had been, I'd like to think that it could have gone a little something like this: