Wednesday, June 5, 2019

9TH ANNIVERSARY REQUEST: Plastic Man-Al Luster (?)-1953

By the mid-50s, just before the fall, even most of the remaining superheroes were doing horror stories. Al Luster is credited on GCD with the art on this Plastic Man request, one of several artists who replaced the great Jack Cole as he got out while the gettin' was good and began doing cartoons for PLAYBOY.

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バーンズ エリック said...

Sorry to mention it, but you've got two pages out of order. Al Luster did a great job this: it's really atmospheric art, and strangely enough especially with Woozy. It is kinda weird, though, that the guy with the extreme super powers doesn't believe in the supernatural (obviously Woozy's origin is long forgotten by now). It also shows why modern versions of Plastic-man don't go over: the original wasn't a doofus. He was actually a pretty straight hero that kept his head in a mad world.