Friday, April 27, 2018

S-2 Strikes-Joe Kubert-1954

In the 1950s, EC Comics was known as the BEST when it came to horror comics, in spite of a very overcrowded field. I've long felt that Atlas deserves to be known as the best in the war comics field at that time. With about a dozen war titles published, they offered great, evocative covers, some pretty heavy stories, and some genuinely amazing art (by the likes of Heath, Maneely, Severin, Colan, and Romita). Here we even see the influential DC stalwart Joe Kubert, known ever after as THE war comics artist, in an early Atlas combat tale.

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The Seditionist said...

How bizarre! Looks like Joe Kubert’s first WWII story was for Stan Lee at Atlas?? And the rendering here looks better than anything I’ve seen by him from that time. (The anodyne breakdowns is something else.)