Saturday, April 14, 2018

Horror in the Moonlight-Bill Everett-1952

From yesterday's ridiculous to today's sublime. Bill Everett is well-known to have suffered from various health and substance abuse issues for years but there was never a point I saw where it showed in his work. His horror stories were EC quality even though he never worked for that company!


The Silver Fox said...

I've seen this story before, probably in the early 1970s when I lucked out and purchased a ton of comics from the 1940s and 1950s, including a lot of Atlas horror material.

Of course, if Marvel re-published this in one of its 1970s black and white mags, I might have encountered it then...

The Seditionist said...

The only impact comics-wise the alcoholism had on Everett was, I believe, the ability to make some deadlines. Or maybe it just contributed to poor health that did it. Of course, the big impact, I believe, was on his family life.
And about his only problem job was the notorious Daredevil 1. And the problem there was primarily that he had a day job.