Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kitty and Bob-HowiePost/Holly Chambers-1946

Some fantastic stylized funny animal art here by 4CS fave Howie Post with Holly Chambers, whom Post once described in an interview as being a cannabis devotee, a charge that can be believed by his contributions to this undergroundish art.

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Unknown Yamaguchi said...

I remember when Art Out of Time came out reading some line about 'the comix art movement that wasn't.'
Now, as good as a lot of that stuff was--and Art in Time as well--I don't really think the material justified it. (As a matter of fact, though no reflectation on quality of the material selected, I think the justifications for including what was included don't ring true. Dan Nadel liked what he liked but apparently had to pretend there was more to it than that to sell the books to his publisher.)
Anyway! If you were looking for a comix art movement that wasn't, here it is! Also, the Bow Wow Beagle story from January 2015 of this blog. Both of them sent me off to find (slightly) more material from both creators on the Internet.
All thanks to this blog. It's the real deal, maaaan!