Sunday, August 10, 2014

Plastic Man-Jack Cole-1948

This was the lead story in one of the very first Golden Age comic books I ever bought, circa 1974. Like all Cole Plastic man adventures, it's  pretty great. What makes this particular one even more interesting, though, is that it features an ancient God of Mischief come to life. And the God's name is Eloc...COLE spelled backwards! 


Daniel [] said...

Cole was in fact given to pranks. Perhaps most well known was one in which he used a piece of tissue paper to make a tiny “Drink Coca-Cola!” banner, which he attached to a fly, which in turn he released at a meeting where Marxists were attempting to organize comic-book artists.

Daniel [] said...

It's perhaps worth noting that one of the recurring character-types in Cole's stories is the professorial savant who either never had sight of right-and-wrong, or simply loses it in the face of an opportunity to something remarkable in his field.

Odyzeus! said...

An interesting story, to be sure, and I suppose it's possible that Cole might have written this (although who knows?) but he clearly did not do the art.