Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lidsville-Roger Armstrong-1973

"In the middle of the summer, in the middle of a park, there began a strange adventure for a boy whose name was Mark..." One of my favorite Saturday morning theme songs opened up this typically hallucinogenic Krofft Brothers production which starred former Eddie Munster, Butch Patrick. The comic was pretty far-out as well!

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BillyWitchDoctor said...

Yikes, that last panel. And this was "hippie liberal" back then! Enlightenment is relative; what am I doing today that future generations will be perfectly justified for judging me harshly?

Man, that's some story: The comic, based on a TV show, that warns you away from TV...and snacking, while ending with everyone enjoying a feast of processed dough. But don't worry kids, ten thousand toe-touches will immediately burn it all off, you won't wreck your back or anything!

The art's surprisingly good. It couldn't have been easy drawing all those freakish hat characters, but Armstrong really lets it rip drawing Charles Nelson Reilly's Hoo Doo and the finale. That panel of Hoo Doo getting smacked with the jail is great.