Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Lodestone-Ernie Bache-1956

Starting put as an assistant to Dick Ayers, Ernie Bache's output mostly consists of inking other pencilers which is too bad. One look at this early post-Code story penciled by Bache shows just how talented he was, even for the kind of money Charlton paid.


El cronista absurdo said...

Great. As usual.

Daniel [] said...

Well, it's comic-book science, and bad math (1000% profit on $1 million leaves one with $11 million, not $1 billion), but a good-natured and fun story.

Brian Barnes said...

There is definitely talent with Bache but there's also some problems, last panel on page 4 is pretty poorly positioned, it looks like the cave/ape/man is still rushing forward because of the extreme angle.

Why do comic book writers feel the need to explain plot devices -- like time machines -- with ludicrous explanations when the time machine ability, not it's inner workings -- are what's important. It just makes the comic-book science wackier! No reader would blink twice at "I'm a scientist, I built a time machine" and move on!