Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mr. Q-Harry Sahle-1943

Oops! Seems yesterday's MR. Q post was a rerun from 3 years ago! Thanks to all you sharp-eyed readers with longer memories than mine. So just to be fair, here's ANOTHER Mr. Q adventure--his last, in fact. Enjoy!

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Daniel [] said...

Normally, I'm of the view that, when a further instalment has been promised, it should be delivered, even if the producer cannot do so at profit. But, in this case, it's not clear that anyone would have been looking forward to that next episode!

None-the-less, I agree with your suggestion that this character could have influenced Ditko. There is the obvious matter of the character's name, which can put one in mind both of Mr A and of the Question. There is the business of the hero, in the first story, presuming that the villain was choosing to ignore a moral sense (as opposed to having an utterly different sense or simply to lacking one). There is, in this story, the idea that the process of empirical investigation (as opposed to slam-bang action) was worth nine or ten panels. And the final page of the first story uses devices that Ditko might have used, albeït with considerably more skill. So one could easily imagine a teen-aged Ditko coming across this story, and seeing unrealized potentials.