Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ghost Riders-Weird Horrors-1952

In this one, the Spirit...or is that Midnight? No wait...Well, whoever he is, he has a blue suit and a mask and he's out to expose some phony ghosts. The story seems off in places but there's no denying the lovely and lively art, although I have no idea whose art it might be.


Daniel [] said...

Odd. The visual style is a lot like that of the early golden age (though not completely so). And the business of the villians being foreign saboteurs makes the story reminiscent of those in the run-up to the formal entry of the US into WW II.

Britt Reid said...

Good observation, Daniel
Odds are this is a reworked story.
I had a similar example, of the same story used three times, with the lead character changed each time (plus the plotline and dialogue rewritten), first in Red Seal Comics
then in Authentic Police Cases
ending up in Weird Horror's sister title Strange Terrors!
There's also an explanation of how it happened at the links...