Sunday, March 30, 2014

Magno and Davey-Louis Ferstadt-1944

You think Batman and and Robin had trouble with the Joker? They had NUTHIN' on Magno and Davey and the Clown! This particular dynamic duo seemed to fight the Clown every other issue...and sometimes more than that! In this one, they even resort to cross-dressing to stop him!


Daniel [] said...

If someone found a cheap way to make gold, then gold would be cheap. (The actual process of the cheapening would not be because cost determines price, but because market values are determined by the values of marginal uses, and these are prioritized, so that ever greater abundance means ever lower values; still, the point remains.)

When a couple of fellows found a way to refine aluminum inexpensively, a very meaningful sort of wide-spread enrichment was effected, but it was one that saw the price of aluminum, once more precious than gold, drop to a tiny fraction of what it had been.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

How does the Candy Vendor figure into this mess?

Y'gotta love the Clown. He's quite possibly the worst "clown" I've ever seen--a grimacing, tiny-footed (and occasionally "Derpy") Danny De Vito running around in the ugliest and cheapest of children's Halloween get-ups and a standard-issue "crook" mask--and his "brilliant mind" can't figure out that taking the damned thing off might throw Magno and Dave(Y) off his trail while he's strolling about in public for no discernable reason.

And you gotta love the scientist, who performs an experiment ONCE before informing the press that he's changed the world. You know this fool was run out of town on a rail and subsequently starved to death.