Thursday, June 27, 2013

Frankenstein-Dick Briefer-1944

Craig Yoe's recent collection of the best of Dick Briefer's FRANKENSTEIN offered a nice selection from the nice years and the not-nice years. There was also this serialized phase where our hero-monster is working undercover for the Nazis, secretly sabotaging their plans.

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BillyWitchDoctor said...

I LOVE how utterly insane Briefer's Frankenstein stories were, and this story might be the most insane of them all.

I've yet to see the story in which the murderous bane of Dr. Frankenstein and "Bulldog" Denny is not only reformed but transformed into a particularly unattractive sweater-and-bowtie-wearing preppie, but read the one in which the Nazis got ahold of him, and always wondered what came after.

Now I know...and it's SO weird! This story starts out on a touching note as Frankie is genuinely distraught that he's been killing innocents once again...but suddenly, he's charging his new friends in a feigned bloodlust as a "joke"(!), and then engaging in topical comedy by ordering the mindless Nazi troops to march to their horrible deaths(!!!) And all the while the sympathetic "true Germans" are ordering Frankie around like a dog. Crazy!

Bless you for posting!