Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Two-Way Time-Traveler-Infantino/Giella-1962

As we close out our year, here's a strange adventure from long ago 1962 in which a hapless man is transported into the then-far-flung future of 2007! Wow! Things are so...different in 2007!


Pappy said...

Great story, Steve. It reminded me of Project Pendulum by Robert Silverberg, so I checked to see if maybe this story had been influenced by the book. I found out the Silverberg book came out in 1989!

I don't remember reading this story in Strange Adventures, but I remember the Comicpac advertised on the last page. I may have even picked up a couple of them, but once out of the bag the evidence is lost that the comics were ever part of such a package. I know I saw them in stores, but whether I ever bought any of them, well...I'd need to go back in time to find out for sure.

Smurfswacker said...

I remember reading this story as a wee lad. It's a great concept that despite its complexity works well in 7-1/2 pages. Nice Infantino-Giella art, too.

It's funny that while discussing deadly gasses our time traveller suddenly lights up a 20th-century cigarette. Seriously, though, it's an odd bit of business since the hero doesn't smoke anywhere else in the story. I guess Infantino wanted to give him something to do during his long conversation with the doctor.

macsnafu said...

I first saw this story reprinted in a Spanish language comic. I was intrigued, even though I couldn't fully understand what was happening. I eventually found the English version so I could find out all the details of the story.