Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sugarfoot-Alex Toth-1959

The very first artist we showcased here on this blog was Alex Toth and now here he is again, this time from one of his Dell TV adaptations. SUGARFOOT was a Warner Brothers western comedy-drama starring actor Will Hutchins as a frontier law student. I was 2 months old when this hit the stands. About 45 years later, I'd be privileged to perform in two onstage productions with the former cowboy star. See below for picture. 

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rnigma said...

I've seen a few of the other WB TV dramas of the '50s, but I haven't seen "Sugarfoot" - I do remember Will Hutchins as Dagwood in the 1968 "Blondie" series.
Cool pic of you and Will.