Friday, September 21, 2012

Blue Beetle-Phantom Lady-1947

I'm on record as saying the Blue Beetle strip had some of the worst art of the Golden Age most of the time, no matter which company was publishing it. Here's some that's pretty good by an unknown artist  in a BB story used as back-up filler in the first issue of Fox's PHANTOM LADY.


cartoonjoe said...

Going by the look of the women, I'd say this story was probably drawn by Matt Baker.

Booksteve said...

Looks like Baker women to me, too, Joe but the whole rest of the issue is by Baker and GCD doesn't even want to speculate on this so...who knows? Hey, if you're at the Cincy Con on Saturday afternoon, look for me! Same for anyone else reading this. Say "Hi!" I don't get around much anymore so it's kind of a rare chance!

Alberto said...

Hello Steven.

I have recently contributed a lengthy essay and a checklist to the upcoming Matt Baker book from TwoMorrows, and I know for sure that Matt never drew any Blue Beetle stories. The artist here is most likely Robert Hayward (Bob) Webb, although the inking may be by a different Iger Studio artist (Al Feldstein? David Heames?).

Keep up the excellent work.