Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tom Morrow-Mike Sekowsky-1966

TOM MORROW appeared as a back-up strip in the post-apocalyptic MIGHTY SAMSON title from Gold Key in the mid-sixties. Starting with this short strip, he appeared for a baker's dozen issues. Art here is by Mike Sekowsky who was still, at that time, providing the art for DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, also. GCD credits embellishment to George "Inky" Roussos.

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Martin OHearn said...

The GCD has gotten around this year to crediting Sekowsky's inker correctly on Man from UNCLE, but didn't bother rechecking this credit. Mike Peppe, not George Roussos, inked Sekowsky here as well. The writer is Mighty Samson's--Otto Binder.