Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shrimpy-Joe Harold-1960

If PAT THE BRAT was Archie Comics' answer to DENNIS THE MENACE, then the even lesser known SHRIMPY was their version of Good Ol' Charlie Brown and PEANUTS. The earliest strips here are credited to Joe Harold, about whom I can find nothing. Can't find anything about the trip itself either and have no idea how long it lasted but, as PEANUTS imitations go, it's pretty good.


Devlin Thompson said...

I believe "Joe Harold" is in fact Joe Edwards, longtime Archie writer/artist, and creator of Li'l Jinx.

Booksteve said...

Makes sense. I thought it might be someone as I could find nothing on "Joe Harold." Was hard to recognize a style, though, since he was aping Schulz rather well. Do you think the other two, unsigned, pages are him, also, as they do look somewhat different?