Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Scarlet Avenger-Irv Novick-1941

Had a request for some more early Irv Novick work so here's another adventure of MLJ's The Scarlet Avenger (as opposed to the more well-known Crimson Avenger). This guy's costume consisted of simply a green suit with a red mask and attached cape. Perhaps that's why he was one of the few MLJ characters not even revived in the nostalgic "Too Many Superheroes" issue of THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS in 1966.

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stan said...

the scarlet avenger was a very blatant ripoff of the pulp character the Avenger. That doesn't mean he wasn't super cool cause he was. I think there might have been a spanish version later called Vengador Escarlato, also by Novick