Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Windy Wales-Dick Ayers-1952

The prolific Dick Ayers did a lot of serious war, western, horror and superhero comics in the fifties but most of his humor work was of the Will Elder "chicken fat" variety. Here we see a much less crowded strip highlighting some marvelous humor cartooning from the artist. Windy Wales was a sidekick character on the radio series, BOBBY BENSON. I appeared onstage once with one of the actors who played Bobby, Clive Rice, and I worked many times with Barney Beck, a sound effects man on the series. Windy Wales was the first major role for an actor who would become much more famous--Don Knotts.

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borky said...

Steve, as someone who lives just down the road from the place, I can indeed confirm Wales IS windy!

Or is the title an allusion to someone's penchant for munching baked beans?

One other thing - just to confirm I'm in a totally silly mood - is Dick Ayers REALLY Dick Ayers' name, or am I the only person to suddenly just notice for the first time his name's a 'homophone' for Dick (H)airs?