Friday, June 24, 2011

R.I.P. Gene Colan--Grounded Sparrow-1965

Sadly we've lost one of the true greats of comic book art with the passing of Gene Colan. Colan didn't draw like Kirby at all...or like Kubert...or like Eisner or Ditko or Wood anyone but Gene the Dean Colan. He will be forever remembered for his illustrative "realism" in a medium that prizes stylized exaggeration. He drew many war, western, romance and horror comics up through the mid-sixties when he became known as one of the definitive artists for the Sub-Mariner, Iron Man and later for both Doctor Strange and, especially, Daredevil. In the seventies he teamed with Tom Palmer for a long and memorable run on Marvel's TOMB OF DRACULA, then moved back to DC where he was, for a time, their main artist on BATMAN. In later years, Colan's art was considered so unique it was often reproduced from the artist's pencils only.

Seen here is a perhaps lesser known but no less beautifully drawn war story from Silver Age DC. R.I.P.

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jim said...

Gene Colon - One of the All-Time GREATS!!

Loved his Iron Man, Dr. Strange & Sub-Mariner.

Good-Night, Gene.