Monday, May 14, 2018

Beetle's Brother Chigger Bailey-1964

Some interesting points made here about kids and toy guns but I'll leave you to discuss among yourselves, and not here. I'll delete any political comments. 


  1. In 1964, I owned plenty of toy guns, and nobody thought anything about it. So a story like this written in that year doesn't bother me in any way.

    I do find it odd that Chigger's mom -- is that Beetle's sister, or sister-in-law? -- is so against war, with Beetle being in the army, and all...

    1. Well, since Chigger is Beetle's brother, she must be Beetle's mother! And we know Lois from Hi & Lois is Beetle's sister.

      In '64, I had an arsenal of cap guns, pop guns, and rayguns, with all the spy guns and Johnny Seven still to come!

    2. Oh, duh! Why was I thinking Chigger was his nephew, even though the story said "brother," plus you also said it right in the title of the post?!? Must be that I was confused by the age difference, haha!

      I had a ton of cool guns and other war toys (Remco's "Monkey Division," Marx, Mattel), space toys (Remco's "Hamilton's Invaders," etc.), and spy toys (James Bond, Man from U.N.C.L.E., and the like... Remember Mattel's "Agent Zero M" line?) But I never got a Johnny Seven! Lucky you!

  2. Only part that gave me pause was the notion that Chigger willingly forks over a weekly tithe.

    Fun artwork and story.