Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rocketman--Strange Fantasy-1952

Here's one of those odd in-between superheroes. Most others had faded away and the revival was still a few years off but there were a handful of short-lived heroes who popped up in the interim. 


  1. There is nothing quite like the images of sci-fi from the twenties through the fifties. Seeing brave heroes wearing little more than clear helmets as they battle evil forces on another planet, with no need for space suits or the worry of decompression, the charm and I would say naiveté of those early days of space flight dreams seems so quaint today, but bring back fond memories of those who were alive before the launch of Sputnik.

  2. The GCD lists this reprint in Strange Fantasy #4 is from Captain Flight Comics #8 (May 1945). They list the feature as "Red Rocket", in Captain Flight Comics #s 7-11.

  3. At first, I thought Alex Raymond, and when I saw the two creator names, I made a leap in connections between the three artists that I had been reading about for years but never saw beyond the generalizations. This was awesome! Thanks!

    1. I think you meant this comment for the Williamson/Frazetta post just before this one.